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Workshop on the Geometric Langlands Program

--- connections to CFT, integrable models and gauge theory ---

DESY Hamburg, July 9th - 13th
Gebäude 1, Seminar-Raum 1

What strongly motivates us to organize this workshop is the feeling that the presently known Langlands duality patterns should be seen as the tip of a huge iceberg, a first paradigm for a grand theory which unifies themes such as moduli spaces, gauge theories, integrable models and CFT.


  • Geometric Langlands correspondence
  • Connections to CFT and integrable systems
  • Higher Teichmüller theory, relations to W-algebras
  • Relations to gauge theory

Invited speakers

P. Dorey        V. Fock*
E. FrenkelS. Gukov
R. TateoV. Toledano-Laredo
()* to be confirmed

The workshop will consist of lecture series and talks on selected aspects, leaving plenty of time for discussions, which hopefully will stimulate us to better understand the mutual relations between the topics above.

Requests for participation should be addressed until May 1st to:


For further information you may consult the web-page zmp.desy.de, or contact J.Teschner via e-mail (teschner@mail.desy.de).

Organizing committee
V. Schomerus, C. Schweigert, J. Teschner

- This page as pdf-file.
- Program.
- Travel & Accomodation (to appear).

Supported by: DESY --- EC Marie Curie Actions --- Center for Mathematical Physics ---

Just an invisible spaceJust an invisible space