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Just an invisible spaceJust an invisible spaceJust an invisible spaceJust an invisible space

Opening colloquium

The opening colloquium of the Center for Mathematical Physics took place on October 20th-22nd, 2005, at the main building of Hamburg university. You may also download our Poster.

Hauptgebäude der Universität Hamburg

Speakers were:

John Cardy
SLE - a new way of thinking about Conformal Field Theory

Philippe Di Francesco
Combinatorics and Physics: The Miracles of Integrability

Robbert Dijkgraaf
Topological strings and black holes

Nigel Hitchin
Generalized Geometries

Roberto Longo
The Structure and Classification of local conformal nets

Nikita Nekrasov
Chiral Algebras, pure Spinors and Superstrings

Tudor S. Ratiu
Symmetry in infinite dimensional systems

Nicolai Reshetikhin
Discrete Dirac operators and dimer models

Matthias Staudacher
Integrability and the AdS/CFT Correspondence

Robert M. Wald
Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime

Alexander Zamolodchikov
2D QFT and amplitudes of subleading critical singularities.

Martin Zirnbauer
From Random Matrices to Supermanifolds

You will find a timetable for the talks in our Program. We also offer a List of participiants of all registered guests and some photos taken by Arthur Jaffe. If you also took photos you'd like to see here, please contact Konrad Waldorf.
Just an invisible spaceJust an invisible space