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Just an invisible spaceJust an invisible spaceJust an invisible spaceJust an invisible space

Seminar Quantum Physics and Geometry

The seminar takes place biweekly on Thursdays at 2pm before the colloquium. The location alternates between the DESY and the Geomatikum. In the context of the seminar, we have included a series of 'What is...?'-talks.

What is...?


  • Winter term 2021/2022: Cluster algebras

  • Summer term 2021: Stabiltiy conditions

  • Winter term 2020/2021: Supersymmetry, geometric structures and twistor space methods

  • Summer term 2020: Topological phases of matter, matrix product states, and tensor categories

  • Winter term 2019/2020: JT gravity and Mirzakhani's recursion

  • Summer term 2019: Integrable PDEs, Riemann-Hilbert correspondence and free fermion conformal field theory

  • Winter term 2018/2019: Disc (E_k) algebras in TQFT and SUSY QFT

  • Summer term 2018: Flat connections and geometric quantisation

  • Winter term 2017/2018: Slightly more advanced topics in conformal field theory

  • Summer term 2017: Hitchin Systems, Non-Abelian Hodge Theory and Wall Crossing

  • Winter term 2016/2017: Conformal field theory

  • Summer term 2016: Defining Quantum Field Theories

  • Winter term 2015/2016: Global observables in abelian gauge field theories

  • Summer term 2015: Chern-Simons theory, three-manifold invariants and topological strings

  • Winter term 2014/2015: Non-compact groups, quantum groups, and some applications in TFT and CFT

  • Summer term 2014: The Hitchin integrable systems

  • Winter term 2013/2014: Quantum groups and integrability

  • Summer term 2013: Topological Quantum Field Theory and Four- Manifolds

  • Winter term 2012/13: Hilbert Schemes of Points on Surfaces

  • Summer term 2012: Equivariant Cohomology and Instanton Counting

  • Winter term 2011/12: Categories, D-Branes, and Stability

  • Summer term 2011: Fukaya category and related subjects

  • Winter term 2010/11: Topological conformal field theory

  • Summer term 2010: Deformation Theory

  • Summer term 2009: F-theory

  • Winter term 2008/09: Renormalization Hopf algebras and combinatorial groups

  • Summer term 2008: Holonomy groups

  • Winter term 2007/08: The Batalin-Vilkovisky formalism

  • Summer term 2007: Differential geometry of supermanifolds

  • Winter term 2006/07: The geometric Langlands conjecture

  • Summer term 2006: Special Geometry and Hitchin functionals

  • Winter term 2005/06: Tensor Categories in Mathematical Physics

  • Summer term 2005: The Casimir effect; generalized geometry

  • Winter term 2004/05: Rozansky-Witten invariants and derived categories; T-duality with fluxes and non-commutative tori

  • Summer term 2004: Spin structures and Morita equivalence; Twisted K-Theory

  • Winter term 2003/04: Special geometry; nearly Kähler manifolds and their applications in supergravity; Introduction to non-commutative geometry and deformation quantization

  • Summer term 2003: Quantum mechanics and quantum field theory at finite temperature; Gerbes

Just an invisible spaceJust an invisible space