Just an invisible spaceJust an invisible space
Just an invisible spaceJust an invisible spaceJust an invisible spaceJust an invisible space
[ZMP-HH/17-1] G. Arutyunov, S. Frolov, R. Klabbers and S. Savin
Towards 4-point correlation functions of any 1/2-BPS operators from supergravity
[ZMP-HH/17-2] Nicolás Andruskiewitsch, Christoph Schweigert
On unrolled Hopf algebras
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[ZMP-HH/17-3] Vicente Cortés, Benedict Meinke
Pseudo-Riemannian almost quaternionic homogeneous spaces with irreducible isotropy
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[ZMP-HH/17-4] V. Cortés, M. Dyckmanns, M. Jüngling und D. Lindemann
A class of cubic hypersurfaces and quaternionic Kähler manifolds of co-homogeneity one
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[ZMP-HH/17-5] V. Cortés, P. Dieterich and T. Mohaupt
ASK/PSK-correspondence and the r-map
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[ZMP-HH/17-6] Simon Lentner
Quantum groups and Nichols algebras acting on conformal field theories
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[ZMP-HH/17-7] Simon Lentner
The unrolled quantum group inside Lusztig's quantum group of divided powers
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[ZMP-HH/17-8] Simon Lentner, Jan Priel
Three natural subgroups of the Brauer-Picard group of a Hopf algebra with applications
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[ZMP-HH/17-9] Simon Lentner, Karolina Vocke
Constructing new Borel subalgebras of quantum groups with a non-degeneracy property
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[ZMP-HH/17-10] V. Farsad, A.M. Gainutdinov, I. Runkel
SL(2,Z)-action for ribbon quasi-Hopf algebras
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[ZMP-HH/17-11] A.M. Gainutdinov, I. Runkel
Projective objects and the modified trace in factorisable finite tensor categories
[ZMP-HH/17-12] Lukas Müller, Christoph Schweigert
A GNS construction of three-dimensional abelian Dijkgraaf-Witten theories
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[ZMP-HH/17-13] Florin Belgun, Vicente Cortés, Alexander S. Haupt, David Lindemann
Left-invariant Einstein metrics on S^3 x S^3
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[ZMP-HH/17-14] Christoph Schweigert, Lukas Woike
Orbifold construction for equivariant topological field theories
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[ZMP-HH/17-15] Vicente Cortés and Arpan Saha
Quarter-pinched Einstein metrics interpolating between real and complex hyperbolic metrics
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[ZMP-HH/17-16] Jonathan Belletête, Azat M. Gainutdinov, Jesper L. Jacobsen, H. Saleur, Romain Vasseur
On the correspondence between boundary and bulk lattice models and (logarithmic) conformal field theories
[ZMP-HH/17-17] I. Heckenberger, S. Lentner, K. Vocke
On Borel subalgebras of quantum groups
[ZMP-HH/17-18] I. Flandoli, S. Lentner
Logarithmic conformal field theories of type B_n, ℓ=4 and symplectic fermions
[ZMP-HH/17-19] Simon Lentner, Svea Nora Mierach, Christoph Schweigert und Yorck Sommerhäuser
Hochschild cohomology and the modular group
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[ZMP-HH/17-20] V. Cortés and L. David
Twist, elementary deformation, and KK correspondence in generalized complex geometry
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[ZMP-HH/17-21] V. Farsad, A.M. Gainutdinov, I. Runkel
The symplectic fermion ribbon quasi-Hopf algebra and the SL(2,Z)-action on its centre
[ZMP-HH/17-22] T. Creutzig, A.M. Gainutdinov, I. Runkel
A quasi-Hopf algebra for triplet W(p)-algebras
[ZMP-HH/17-23] Lorenz Hilfiker, Ingo Runkel
Existence and uniqueness of solutions to Y-systems and TBA equations
[ZMP-HH/17-24] A. S. Haupt, S. Lautz, G. Papadopoulos
AdS_4 backgrounds with more than 16 supersymmetries in 10- and 11-dimensions
[ZMP-HH/17-25] Rob Klabbers, Stijn van Tongeren
Quantum spectral curve for the eta-deformed AdS_5xS^5 superstring
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Just an invisible spaceJust an invisible space