Just an invisible spaceJust an invisible space
Just an invisible spaceJust an invisible spaceJust an invisible spaceJust an invisible space
[ZMP-HH/16-1] Jan Louis, Constantin Muranaka
Moduli spaces of AdS5 vacua in N = 2 supergravity
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[ZMP-HH/16-2] Alexei Davydov, Ingo Runkel
Holomorphic Symplectic Fermions
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[ZMP-HH/16-3] Jouko Mickelsson & Stefan Wagner
Third Group Cohomology and Gerbes over Lie groups
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[ZMP-HH/16-4] Rob Klabbers
Thermodynamics of Inozemtsev's elliptic spin chain
[ZMP-HH/16-5] Jürgen Fuchs, Christoph Schweigert
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[ZMP-HH/16-6] Jürgen Fuchs, Christoph Schweigert
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[ZMP-HH/16-7] W. Galleas
Elliptic solid-on-solid model's partition function as a single determinant
[ZMP-HH/16-8] A.M. Gainutdinov, I. Runkel
The non-semisimple Verlinde formula and pseudo-trace functions
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[ZMP-HH/16-9] Per Sundin
The complete one-loop BMN S-matrix in AdS_3 x S^3 x T^4
[ZMP-HH/16-10] P. Baseilhac, A.M. Gainutdinov, T.T. Vu
Cyclic tridiagonal pairs, higher order Onsager algebras and orthogonal polynomials
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[ZMP-HH/16-11] W. Galleas
On the gl_2 elliptic solid-on-solid model: Functional relations and determinants
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[ZMP-HH/16-12] A.M. Gainutdinov and H. Saleur
Fusion and braiding in finite and affine Temperley-Lieb categories
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[ZMP-HH/16-13] Jan Hesse, Christoph Schweigert und Alessandro Valentino
Frobenius algebras and homotopy fixed points of group actions on bicategories
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[ZMP-HH/16-14] G. Arutyunov, M. Heinze and D. Rincon
Integrability of the eta-Deformed Neumann-Rosochatius model
[ZMP-HH/16-15] Jan Louis, Severin Lust
Classification of maximally supersymmetric backgrounds in supergravity theories
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[ZMP-HH/16-16] Wellington Galleas
Continuous representations of scalar products of Bethe vectors
[ZMP-HH/16-17] Cortés, M. Dyckmanns and S. Suhr
Completeness of projective special Kähler and quaternionic Kähler manifolds
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[ZMP-HH/16-18] V. Cortés and B. Meinke
Pseudo-Riemannian almost hypercomplex homogeneous spaces with irreducible isotropy
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[ZMP-HH/16-19] G. Arutyunov, D. Dorigoni and S. Savin
On resummation of the dressing phase for AdS_5 x S^5
[ZMP-HH/16-20] G. Arutyunov, M. Heinze and D. Medina-Rincon
Unsquash my Sphere: Geodesics on the Sausage
[ZMP-HH/16-21] Jan Hesse
Frobenius algebras and Calabi-Yau categories are equivalent
[ZMP-HH/16-22] Martin Heinze, George Jorjadze
Quantization of the AdS_3 Superparticle on OSP(1|2)^2/SL(2,R)
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[ZMP-HH/16-23] Aswin Balasubramanian
Phases of N=4 SYM, S-duality and Nilpotent Cones
[ZMP-HH/16-24] Martin Heinze, George Jorjadze, Luka Megrelidze
Coset construction of AdS particle dynamics
[ZMP-HH/16-25] Jan Louis, Constantin Muranaka
AdS5 vacua from type IIB supergravity on T1,1
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[ZMP-HH/16-26] Jürgen Fuchs, Gregor Schaumann und Christoph Schweigert
Eilenberg-Watts calculus for finite categories and a bimodule Radford S^4 theorem
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[ZMP-HH/16-27] Parinya Karndumri, Jan Louis
Supersymmetric AdS6 vacua in six-dimensional N=(1,1) gauged supergravity
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[ZMP-HH/16-28] Vicente Cortés, Alexander S. Haupt
Lecture Notes on Mathematical Methods of Classical Physics
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[ZMP-HH/16-29] Jan Hesse, Alessandro Valentino
The Serre automorphism via homotopy actions and the Cobordism Hypothesis for oriented manifolds
[ZMP-HH/16-30] Simon Lentner, Tobias Ohrmann
Factorizable R-matrices for small quantum groups

Just an invisible spaceJust an invisible space